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Founded in 2000, Entegreat has 15 years of delivering operational excellence and manufacturing intelligence solutions to manufacturing customers through Consulting and Integration Services & Specialized Applications. The broad domains in which we operate are:

  • Manufacturing Operations Management (“MOM”):  solutions for real-time visibility and management of the comprehensive manufacturing process for the purpose of efficiency, production and quality optimization. 
  • Manufacturing Intelligence:  systems used to aggregate and contextualize a Company’s disparate manufacturing-related data for use in analysis, alerting, decision making (immediate and long term), reporting and use across and in conjunction with other enterprise systems.

Whether you are an end customer, partner or independent software provider, Entegreat can help you navigate the complexity of manufacturing.  Many of Entegreat’s consultants have dozens of years of deep experience in manufacturing information systems.  As a Company, we are experts in capturing, aggregating, analyzing and presenting manufacturing performance intelligence in real-time, and in the formats appropriate for the various roles across the enterprise.

Our mission:  to help customers build systems and processes that transform manufacturing data into knowledge that brings competitive advantage to their business. 

We do this in 3 primary ways:

  1. Consulting services for the concept, design, configuration, implementation, and integration of most MOM/MES software platforms in the market, including GE, Rockwell, SAP, Wonderware, Siemens, Apriso and Werum.
  2. Pre-packaged Solutions, Methodologies, and Templates to deliver industry best practices, functional extensions and performance enhancements around ISV manufacturing systems, such as: Manufacturing Intelligence; Work-Process-Management, Process Oriented Lab Information Management; Manufacturing Energy Management; Packaging Line Performance and Mobile Maintenance.
  3. A cloud product offering, enCONTEXTTM, which is a comprehensive, stand-alone, SaaS platform for manufacturing analytics, with the first application being industrial energy and water management.  This product capitalizes on the integration of multiple, proven and previously delivered solutions, re-architected and optimized for the cloud.  The result is a deeply functional, vendor neutral, rapidly deployed and highly attractive system – providing our customers with advanced energy analytics in the context of manufacturing (ex. energy & water consumption and efficiency by product, by line, by shift, etc.).  enCONTEXTTM was named an Environment Leader Top Product of the Year for 2014.  In addition, Entegreat’s energy initiative with BMW was selected as the Manufacturing Leadership Award winner for 2014 in the category of Sustainability.