Entegreat is the provider of a highly configurable, rapid time to value, Industrial Internet-of-Things (IIoT) platform.

Based on our 15 years as a consulting and systems integration leader in the manufacturing intelligence space,  xmachinacloud quickly captures and aggregates data from almost any disparate device, system or process, and then utilizes an extensive library of pre-built metrics and analytics to build powerful, rolebased dashboards in order to monitor process optimization, production status, asset health and energy efficiency.  Our consulting business line was aquired by E&Y in June of 2015 and Entegreat is now fully dedicated to our software platform.




The customizable IIoT platform to connect any disparate device in order to deliver predictable and actionable analytics...


The Award Winning first commercial implementation of xmachinacloud, which provides cloud-based, online energy and water management to optimize resource efficiency in the context of your business by location, by product, by shift, by unit, and more...