Entegreat will be at Sustainable Brands 2014 in San Diego June 2-5

Posted by Mark Strobel

May 29, 2014 8:30:00 AM

What if  -
Maximizing production and optimizing sustainability were completely complimentary?
“Practical Sustainability”

If you are attending the Sustainable Brands 2014 conference in San Diego next week, be sure to stop by the Entegreat booth.  We're in the Activation Hub, booth 102.

Come talk to us about how we can improve your Sustainability Program. If you can’t measure energy & water consumption for every product you make, you are missing the key enabler for Managing Sustainability.  You may find that your current Sustainability Program is not sustainable.  Entegreat can help.


View our 3 minute enCONTEXTTM introductory video and then come see us at the conference for a demonstration and discussion on how our cloud based energy and water management solution can support your sustainability program by giving you visibility of the utilities your manufacturing operations consume by plant, by production line, and by product.  enCONTEXTTM can provide you with the analytical tools to manage and reduce utility consumption.



  • Which of your products & brands use the most utilities to produce?
  • Your energy consumption per unit of production?
  • The real-time utility consumption by shift, by production line, by site?
  • How to restage production to take advantage of the best utility rates?
  • The correlation between energy consumption, production variables and weather factors?

If you can't say yes to these questions, you need to talk to Entegreat.  Our booth is at the entrance of the Activation Hub.  We look forward to speaking with you.


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Entegreat can help you transform your manufacturing data into something that makes a difference.  We believe in Practical Sustainability: you can optimize today’s production performance without sacrificing tomorrow's resources.  Follow us on our blog and see what else we believe in, and be sure to share your feedback with us.

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