Energy Management in Manufacturing - Just Start [INFOGRAPHIC]

Posted by Mark Strobel

May 20, 2014 9:15:00 AM

What’s keeping your company from getting started with a real energy management program?   I’m not talking about the kind that simply improves your public image, but one that truly helps you reduce your energy consumption, reduce the cost of the resources purchased, and reduce your carbon footprint.

A comprehensive energy management program requires commitment from the executive suite, processes and people dedicated to improvement, AND technology that provides real-time, contextual energy data.  Ah, and there’s the hold up; technology.  Many companies find they have what it takes to put processes in place and to train their personnel on conservation best practices, but they stop short when they consider what’s required in the form of technology.  Too often, companies considering an energy management program think the investment to get started with the right technology is too high.  So they make conservation efforts by installing energy efficient lighting, turning up or down the thermostat and turning off equipment when it isn’t being used.  But that’s not enough.  That’s not sustainable.  You can’t improve what you can’t measure.  And, you can’t measure what you can’t see.  An effective energy program includes technology that enables visibility of where, when and how you consume electricity, gas, and water as well as compressed air and steam.

Where technology acquisition becomes daunting is when companies assume they have to meter every piece of equipment and undertake an IT science project to install a new energy management system.  But that couldn’t be further from reality.  Significant improvement can be realized with just a few meters with data fed into a cloud-based energy solution which not only provides visualization but also analytics to help make real and permanent improvements.  Then, as time and budget allows, expansion of the system can happen, often paid for with the benefits realized from the initial pilot.

The following infographic shows the pathway to get started.  It will also help you determine where your company is on its Energy Maturity Journey


So, again, I ask you, what's stopping you from taking a more effective and sustainable approach to managing your energy consumption?  Just get started.  You'll find that once you do, your program will build upon itself.

If you are interested in evaluating your energy maturity more deeply, take our free self-assessment which will help you explore where your company is on 6 critical characteristics of energy management maturity.

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