Driving Productivity and Profit with Industrial Energy Management

Posted by Mark Strobel

May 9, 2014 2:30:00 PM



LNS Research has completed a year-long benchmark research study of over 200 industrial companies to identify and highlight the key leadership, business process, and technological capabilities for Industrial Energy Management. 

On Thursday, May 22, at 11am eastern LNS and Environmental Leader are presenting the results of this study in a one-hour energy management webinar sponsored by Entegreat, Ameresco and DuPont.

In this webcast, attendees will learn best practices for: 

  • Connecting the procurement of energy with the point of use in manufacturing to drive efficiency gains and better buying decisions 
  • Analyzing the use of energy in manufacturing to drive both energy and manufacturing efficiency 
  • Driving cultural change across the organization to become energy aware 
  • Using energy in preventive and predictive maintenance 
  • Managing a portfolio of energy projects to drive the most business value 
  • Using the right business process, standards, and change management to ensure continuous improvement gains are sustained 
  • Technology strategies for connecting energy intelligence into manufacturing 

Register now for this enlightening webinar with LNS President and Principal Analyst, Matthew Littlefield.

Register for the Webinar

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