5 Ways to Dramatically Reduce Your Energy Intensity [INFOGRAPHIC]

Posted by Matthew Littlefield, LNS President and Principal Analyst

May 14, 2014 9:15:00 AM

Manufacturers have been facing pressures to improve profitability since the dawn of production. What’s changed over the years, though, are the ways in which organizations are relieving these pressures. While methodologies like Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma have held a place in the cost-cutting equation for quite some time, recently organizations have been allocating more and more focus toward Industrial Energy Management (IEM) programs.

IEM has really changed the game for manufacturers. In the past, energy was considered more of a sunk cost than one directly relatable to a particular product or process, however, advancements to IEM strategies and technologies have transformed the way companies are viewing and improving energy consumption. And Energy Intensity, a measurement of the energy required to produce a unit of product, is an excellent benchmark for showing IEM’s effectiveness.

In this post, we’ll share an infographic with data from our most recent Industrial Energy Management survey taken by more than 200 respondents. The infographic highlights the impact of particular resources on Energy Intensity, and provides actionable strategies for reducing Energy Intensity you can leverage in your own operation.

Transforming Industrial Energy Management into Your Competitive Advantage


Accelerating Your Industrial Energy Management Journey

As shown in the infographic above, IEM requires real time analytics across the manufacturing process, analytics at the asset as well as enterprise level, and a strong connection between procurement and operations. People, processes, technology, and performance metrics each hold their respective importance in IEM, and it’s really about finding the right alignment between them so you can drive down Energy Intensity and make measureable profitability improvements.

If you’re interested in learning more about how market leaders are making use of emerging IEM technologies and strategies, watch the recording of the webinar presented by LNS Research and Environmental Leader on May 22 - “Driving Productivity and Profit with Industrial Energy Management.” Use the button below to access the webinar.


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